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Welcome to Pythor Comics

Pythor Comics is an independent publisher of comic books created by artist Mike Artelle. The company also produces collectables based on Mike's original cast of characters.

Mike Artelle, Creator, Artist

All contents of this website © Mike Artelle, 2013. All rights reserved.A life-long fan of comic books, Mike draws, writes, and publishes all the comics that are available through Pythor Comics. He started drawing comics during his childhood and has since created a lengthy list of characters and stories. As Mike is also an avid puppeteer and puppet maker, many of his creations have taken the form of puppets and puppet shows, as described on the Artelle Puppets website. Mike is working toward publishing his first full-length professional comic book "Canadian Crusader" which he hopes to have available this year. To date Mike has published a selection of "Mini Preview" comic books, which can be viewed on the Comic Books page. Please visit Mikey's Puppetry Blog to see an online exhibit about his Puppetry and Art Projects.

Upcoming Publications

If this ambitious plan works, many comics will be on the way! In addition to Canadian Crusader, future titles will feature original characters such as Pythor the Barbarian, and Griffon Shadow along with stories about the popular Greek Myth hero Perseus, Son of Zeus. Learn more about these heroes in the Comic Book section of this site.

Contact Information

E-mail: Mike"at"

Pythor Comics is a division of Artelle Puppets:
The company is based in Ottawa, Ontario Canada.

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